PAX South 2017 Gym Leader reveals begin! Jen and Sam!

Jen, the Museum Intern!

Jen the Intern

After accepting the coveted position of Collections Intern at Nacrene Museum, Jen threw herself fully into her work. One day, however, as she was studying a new artifact, she heard something shuffling around in the shadows. When she approached to investigate, a Yamask jumped out from between the boxes, stowed away in the last shipment. It was then she realized that many ghosts were living inside the various artifacts! Soon she was surrounded by the mischievous Pokemon eager to help with her studies. After months of research and preparation, she’s traveled to PAX South with her new ‘exhibit’ of artifact ghosts.

Show your knowledge of historical artifacts or battle to win yourself the Collections Badge!


Sam, the Tricky Desert Terror!


Sam was born and raised in a town at the base of a mountain range, and at the edge of a huge desert. As a youth, he joined the Camp Scouts and spent a lot of time exploring the wilderness. On a mountain trail, he befriended his first Pokemon, a Larvitar, and learned how the Pokemon in these harsh environments survived: teamwork. With the local Pokemon, he developed strategies utilizing multiple Pokemon working together on the field. When he turned, 18 Sam decided to travel the world, meet new trainers, and see how his team stood up. Sam’s long journey has taken him to PAX South.

Shake up his team in a triple battle to earn the Sandstorm Badge!


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