Rai and W.D. Gaster are our final two Elites!

Rai, the Fairy Man!


Rai lost his chance to become champion of the PPL this year after his sound defeat to Champion Hugh, but that hasn’t stopped him from securing a position in the Elite 6. Despite his appearances as an ordinary Pokemon Trainer, he is a man loved by the Fairies and is never seen without his trusted partner, Sylveon.

Don’t expect Rai to pull any punches in your double battle with him. He hates losing almost as much as he hates spicy food.

Overcome his versatile Fairies to pry the Pixie Badge out of his hands!

The Pixie Badge

W.D. Gaster, the Unmade!


To those who knew Doctor W.D. Gaster he was a scientist of unparalleled brilliance and skill. While the details of his accident remain sketchy, it is said that he fell into one of his own creations and was tragically scattered across space and time.

None can say what became of Gaster after that, but something is known for certain: a part of him came to be in the Hoenn Region! He developed an interest in Pokemon and their destructive capabilities. Using his vast knowledge of space and time he devised a team of powerful Pokemon that suited him, some were Pokemon from distant times, and others were Pokemon that had simply known darkness as he had since his accident.

Using these Pokemon and with help from the PPL he devised an experiment by which he could be supplied with almost limitless test subjects to fuel his research. The only condition being that he supplies a small trinket to any who’s Pokemon prove more destructive than his.

What could Doctor Gaster want with such information? Could he remain to this day a scientist in the pursuit of knowledge, or does his research spell disaster for the PPL? None can say, but, if you provide adequate test subjects to the strange doctor, then you might just find yourself a Wingdings Badge! But with this challenge, a warning echoes behind him: Beware the man who speaks in hands.

The Wingdings Badge

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