Lucifer, Duke and Ash Ketchum himself; check out these fine Elites!

Lucifer, The Two-Faced One!


Lucifer is a trainer that always saw the hidden potential among Pokemon he found out in the wild. He was never fooled by appearances and just like his namesake, he knew that there was always a darker stronger side to every force. He was naturally drawn to normal types because they appeared to have no strength or dominance over any type of Pokemon but realized that it was just a camouflage that set a trap for oncoming challengers. His first badge was won against Brock solely by his trusty partner Dunsparce where it seemed like he was at a disadvantage it never mattered since Dunsparce’s roost and glare just made sure onyx never stood a chance and it was at that moment he knew that every Pokemon has unbelievable strength regardless of what it seemed like. He went on to use his plethora of underestimated and adorable normal type Pokemon to become a formidable gym leader who you must defeat to obtain the Two-Face Badge.

The Two-Face Badge

Duke, the Chance Master!


Once again setting forth from his homeland of Hoenn, the ever playful Duke has adventured his way across land and sea to Australia. Once again he has taken his place amongst the finest and craziest Poké-warriors of the PAX Pokemon league. Bringing forth his new friends, friends that have taken four generations of trading to gather, Duke would like to invite you to battle in merry abandon at the ultimate in luck based battles!
Come gamble your fate, take a chance, flip a coin … dovie’andi se tovya sagain!
Can you beat the odds and receive the Chance Badge?

The Chance Badge

Ash Ketchum, future Pokemon Master!



Ash Ketchum dreams of one day being a Pokemon Master, and ever since beginning his journey as a rookie trainer from Pallet Town, he has put all his energy into attaining his goal, and just took his first major step towards that dream by winning the Lumiose Conference, his first league victory since beginning his journey.
Ash believes in his Pokemon, treating them as equals, with his battling style emphasises unorthodox strategies tailored to his own Pokemon’s strengths, often at the expense of traditional type advantages.
His partner Pikachu is rarely away from his side, and the two have been travelling the world together, sharing their victories, learning from their losses, and building an unbreakable bond of friendship along the way.
Taking a chance for a well earned break after his Kalos League finals match, Ash has decided to visit the PAX Pokemon League before his next journey to the Alola region to see what the trainers there have to teach him.

Defeat the League’s youngest Leader to earn the Satoshi Badge.

The Satoshi Badge

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