Doppler Radar the Weather Man and Jose the PokeRanger have made their debut at PAX West 2016!

Doppler Radar the Weather Man


What if mankind can control the sky? What if we could bend mother nature to our will? Imagine the possibilities! Forest fire? Bring out the rain! Torrential downpour? Part the clouds! Too hot or too cold? Never again! Think of all the possibilities! All the help we could bring. That’s all I’ve ever wanted… To help… But they laughed… Everyone laughed. Calling my research senseless and absurd. I’ll Show them! I’LL SHOW THEM ALL!! What ever the means… Overcome natures wrath and claim a Four Cast Badge!



The Four Cast badge

Jose the PokeRanger


Something evil has come to the streets of Seattle! The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers are here to help subdue these dastardly villains but they need your help! They can handle any oversize monsters, but they are not exactly professionals when it comes to Pokemon battles. However, they need to make sure you, the challenger, are tough enough to stop the evil doer behind all of this mess. Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi! You’ll need the power of teamwork to overcome these teenagers with attitude and win the Ranger Badge!



The Ranger Badge

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