PAX Aus 2016 Leader Applications Open Through June 4th

We want to get PPL Aus 2016 going as soon as possible and to do that we need you!

Applications will be open from now until June 4, so you’ll have a month to get everything in to be considered a PAX Pokemon Gym Leader for PPL Aus 2016. We look forward to reading everyone’s submissions and good luck!

If you have any questions please email, private message philomglol or snowyalice on the PPL Forums, or like/ask on our Facebook Page!

Get em while they’re hot! PAX Aus 2016 Applications page is live!

Your Admin, Phil

Important Note: SAVE THE LINK AT THE END, it comes in handy!


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2 Responses to PAX Aus 2016 Leader Applications Open Through June 4th

  1. Josh

    Is it only 1 application per person or can you submit more if you have more then 1 idea?

    • Propriety

      Traditionally, we ask that people submit their one best leader idea! If you’re willing to be flexible over typing, you can add a note about that. But we’d rather you send in your one best idea, fully developed, than lots of shorter ideas.

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