PPL 5th Anniversary Raffle Prizes!

What is an anniversary without presents? Except for our anniversary, we give the presents TO YOU!

Fabulous Prizes!

Thanks to the generous contributions of gym leaders and fans, we’ll be raffling off the chance to pick from fabulous prizes including

-Exclusive Boston 2015 Pokemon World Championships Pikachu plush, lanyard, keychain, and box surprise!
-Kalos Starter Plushes!
-Kuttari Cutie Mew, Umbreon, and Espeon plushes!
-A Diglet plush keychain!
-A Lucario Amiibo!
-The Electric Tale of Pikachu issues!
-Eeveelution Charms and Decals!
-a plush pikachu butt?!

And more! (There will be more prizes not pictured!)

How can you win one of these fabulous prizes? You’ll need a raffle ticket! Raffle tickets can be earned by

1. defeating the Champion,


2. visiting our table in the Diversity Lounge, showing us you’ve earned 1 Badge, and answering a Pokémon Trivia Question! (If you get your trivia question wrong, you can come back the next day and try again. Once you’ve earned a ticket this way, you can’t get another one though!)

You can earn a raffle ticket either of these ways, or both ways to double your chances!

Raffles will be held at 5 PM on Friday and Saturday in the Diversity Lounge, and at 7 PM on Sunday in the Westin Lobby! A subset of prizes will be available each day, so choose which raffle you want to enter wisely! Fewer people may enter on Friday, increasing your chances… but the item you most want may not be available that day! How exciting!

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