Elite 8 Members: Dyrov (the Valiant Dragon-Knight), Brock and Reginald (the Old-stone Elites), Erkenhelm (the Twitch Streamer), and Po, the Poor Performer!

Dyrov, the Valiant Dragon-Knight!

Trainer Strategy: Fights with honor while harnessing true power.
Trainer Pokémon: Enemies of man, now tamed.
Trainer Message: Fight with honor and compassion worthy of Lancelot himself to earn the Valor Emblem!

Valor Emblem

Brock and Reginald, the old-stone elites!

Strategy: Rough and tumble
Trainers’ Pokemon: The 12 labors are set in stone…
Trainer’s Message: Ne plus ultra!
Pillars of Hercules Emblem

Prove your labours fruitful to earn the Pillars of Hercules Emblem!

Erkenhelm, the Twitch Streamer!

Strategy: Play video games, watch video games, live video games.
Trainer’s Pokémon: My fellow streamers’ favorite Pokémon.
Trainer’s Message: Can you handle the Kappa?
Streamer Emblem
Avoid dropping frames to win the Streamer Emblem!

Po, the Poor Performer!

Strategy: Dazzle the opponent with our star-studded cast!
Trainer’s Pokémon: The most talented normal-types around!
Trainer’s Message: If you can best the diva and her friends, you’ll earn The Prima Donna Emblem!

Prima Donna Emblem

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