Pozzo and Godot, Chaos in the Court!

Pozzo and Godot

Ask anyone in the legal field and they can tell you endless stories about Pozzo and Godot. These two have been fighting fierce courtroom duels since they graduated at the top of their class at Unova Law. Pozzo is regarded as the best defense attorney in Unova because he will defend his client until the bitter end with a defense like a steel shield. Godot is legendary among prosecutors and will relentlessly attack any defense that stands in his way of a guilty verdict. When the two are pitted against each other in court, trials go on for weeks until a verdict is decided. Outside of the courtroom the pair continue to brawl: Pozzo’s unshakable Steel types versus Godot’s unyielding Fighting team. Court is now in session and any challengers who wish to go on trial will have Unova’s premier ace attorney on their side to face the prosecution! Take the stand and prove your case to earn the Trial Badge!


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