Elite Five: Petro, the Down to Earth Youngster!


Petro was born and raised just outside quiet Mahogany town in the Johto region. On his fifth birthday, Petro got an egg that hatched into an excited Rhyhorn. After many treks over Mt. Mortar and laps around the Lake of Rage, Rhyhorn evolved into the powerful Rhydon, and Petro realized that he loved the coarse aesthetic of Rock and Ground type Pokemon. Petro attempted to challenge the Johto league, but had trouble defeating the Ice-type Pokemon at his home gym. He decided that in order to finally beat Pryce, he needed to travel the world and find other Pokemon that could beat Ice types. After returning from a journey to many other regions, Petro defeated Pryce with his newly evolved Rhyperior. Show Petro and his coarse companions your rock hard determination to obtain the Silica Emblem!


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