Elite Five: Dell, the Fancy Footwork Fighter!


Dell grew up on the mean streets of inner city Houston where he was always fighting bullies and would-be thugs. One day he met a beautiful ballerina with a Buneary who asked him to be her dance partner. He jokingly agreed if she could beat him in a Pok√©mon battle. To his astonishment, her Buneary pummeled his Mienfoo with ease as it gracefully danced around his attacks. True to his word he became her dance partner. He had to learn to rely and trust in someone other than himself, and, thus his love of dance was awakened. From ballet to rumba and hip-hop to classical he loved it all. He turned all his fighting fury into devastating dances. Believing you’re only as good as your partner in both dancing and battling, he focused on double battles to create epic dance battle fusions. Prove your trust in your partners to groove your way to victory and earn the Double-Time Emblem!


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