Maximillion Pegasus, the Crimson Illusionist

MaximilionPegasusCrimsonIllusionistFinalMaximillion Pegasus, the President of Industrial Illusions, was an ambitious man and was always striving to improve the games his company created.
One day, while Pegasus tested a new virtual interface down in the R&D lab, an accident created a wormhole and sucked Pegasus inside.

He floated in time and space for what seemed like aeons, awaking to find himself in an unfamiliar world with wondrous creatures roaming the vast countryside.
After observing the world he came to understand that these “Trainers” would catch, train and battle these “Poké-mon” creatures. His ambition got the best of him as he tried his own hand at catching a Pokémon; setting his sights upon a Ralts moving rocks around with his psychic powers. After catching and training Ralts, Pegasus became fascinated with psychic type Pokémon.
Pegasus gathered psychic types and challenged the League and its Champion, proving his strength and starting a Gym of his own.

Defeat Maximillion’s team to earn the Millennium Badge!

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