Johann, the Frozen Traveller

JohannFrozenTravelerFinalJohann can barely remember meeting Lapras. How could he, He was only 2 when he wandered off from his parents gaze, and fell from the S.S. Spiral. The alarm was raised as the toddler hit the icey cold waters of Snowpoint City and began splashing about in vain. The commotion and muffled cries of the boy were enough to catch the attention of a passing mother Lapras and her offspring. She darted over and plucked him up, placing the crying child on her shell as she swam to shore. Johann was saved and from that day the Lapras became like a second mother.

One day after his cousin Candice had been appointed the Snowpoint City Gym Leader, Johann decided maybe he should set out on his own quest and make a name as an ice trainer for himself. To do this he needed Pokémon, but not any old Pokémon. He needed to scour the land in search for the strongest, durable, brave, but most importantly faithful Ice Pokémon he could find. He packed his bag, bought some supplies and went to the bay to see off his Lapras family.

Explaining his plans and how he was going to leave was the hardest thing he had ever done. All of a sudden the young Lapras grabbed his bag throwing it to the shore knocking out a few Pokéballs. As Johann bent over to clean the mess, the Lapras snatched a ball and held it out to Johann. “You.. You want to come with me?” stammered Johann in disbelief looking at the Lapras in question. Johann looked over to its mother, who appeared to give a nod of approval. Grabbing the ball from its mouth, threw the ball in the air, a bright red flash enveloping the Pokémon. Giving his Adoptive mother one last hug, Johann turned to leave, tears beginning to roll down his cheek.

Impress Johann with your brave spirit to win the Sleet Badge!

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