Glade, The Forest’s Recluse

GladeForestRecluseFinalSince he was little, if you wanted to find Glade your best bet was not with the other kids of Snowbelle city but up a tree or muttering to a Pokemon he’d found. He preferred to be alone or with Pokemon and found humans cruel and destructive. Even from a young age he understood Pokemon and their ways far better than he did those of humans. As he grew older this behavior escalated. He formed close bonds with the Pokemon of the forest near Snowbelle and was gifted refuge in it by the forest’s heart, a Pokemon he’d come to call Shima. Tales of the power he gained whilst training there attracted the attention of the PAX Pokemon League. The forest became a gym in its own right, Glade begrudgingly taking up challenges so that any intruders may move on and leave him and his beloved woodland in peace.

If you think you can brave the dense forest of Glade, face it’s heart and show him your own you might just earn yourself a Sylvan Badge!

“I speak for Shima. I bring you the word of the forest. And that word is: Begone”

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