Leaders: Mehnit, Calder, and Akane!


Leader: Mehnit, the Grey Warden!


Strategy: In war, victory. In peace, vigilance. In death, sacrifice.

Trainer’s Pokémon: It takes the power of Dragons to fight Dragons.

Trainer’s Message: I will go to any lengths to defeat the Blight.

Calling Badge Show me your conviction to earn the Calling Badge.


Leader: Calder, the Brutish Canadian!


Strategy: It’s all left on the ice, no prisoners, no surrender.

Trainer’s Pokémon: Only the best make the cut, proving their skills in many facets of the fastest game on frozen water.

Trainer’s Message: I chose this path that I now skate on, my Pokémon choose to follow me in battle.

Omega Badge Rough Calder up to earn the Omega Badge!


Leader: Akane, the Otherworldly Swordswoman!


     Strategy: My bond to this world and the next lets me balance on the razor’s edge.

Trainer’s Pokémon: Those who would lead by example in love through battle

Trainer’s Message: The blade is but an extension of the body. 

Sugari Badge

Show that your Pokémon are too an extension of your compassion to get the Sugari Badge!


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