Leader: Pending, the Arena Master!


Hailing from Veilstone City, Pending dreamed of becoming the greatest martial artist and fighting type master in Sinnoh. At the beginning of his journey, Pending was in search of the perfect alias to match his future title. During his early bouts, still undecided, he put [pending] under the name slot. Slowly, he became a recognized and feared contender at tournaments not just in Sinnoh but the world over, though it took a while before he could secure a title with a first place victory. Only after he finally gained the title of Arena Master by surpassing hundreds of others in the 3v3 arena championships did he realize what he had done. The commentators had been calling him “Pending”, round after round, in front of thousands of fans, and it was too late to change! Enter the ring with the master and emerge victorious to earn the [Pending] Badge!

Pending Badge

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