Leader: Leo, the ERROR 418 I’m a teapot

leo-artAs a child, Leo washed up on the shore of Cinnibar Island and was taken in by the crazy old man who found him. During his time on the island, he became fascinated by stories of unusual phenomenon along the eastern coast, and scoured the internet and research texts for similar oddities. On his fifteenth birthday, Leo set out on his own in search of the unexplained. He traveled around the world collecting electric type pokemon with strange or unusual traits. While in the Hoenn region, Leo met another old man named Wattson, who invited Leo to train with him in his gym. Leo discovered that the only thing he loved more then discovery was battling. After opening his own Gym, he was contacted by the PAX Pokemon League and offered the opportunity to discover the power of its challengers as a leader at PAX South! Give Leo a shocking battle to earn the Glitch Badge!

Glitch Badge

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