Leader: Felix Cuprum, the Metallurgist!


Felix’s father was a metallurgist, traveling around the world with Felix in tow, studying pokemon and the metals in their environments. While they traveled, Felix trained to one day battle the Elite Four back home in the Johto region. Over time, he spent less and less time battling, and more studying to become a metallurgist like his father. After finally becoming a metallurgist himself, Felix found he had a lot more free time on his hands, and got back into battling. At first it was rough, re-acquianting himself with the strengths and friendships of his pokemon, but soon he was both a well respected trainer and scientist. The PAX Pokemon League contacted him, inviting him to be a Gym Leader and test the determination of others in battle at PPL South! Anxious to put his battling skills to the true test, he has eagerly prepared to face all challengers! Test your mettle against his metal to earn the Alloy Badge!

Alloy Badge

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