Get Well Soon, Hiker Bill!

Propriety here, with some bad news, trainers: Hiker Bill was skiing in the mountains (no we are not kidding, he is truly committed to the outdoor life of a hiker!) and he dislocated his kneecap, chipping a bone in his knee. He’s had to have surgery, and unfortunately he is unable to make the hike out to PAX South. 🙁 We will miss him and wish him a speedy recovery.

All is not lost, however! Hiker Bill has entrusted his badges to Elite Four Member Darren and Elite Four Member Sorrel, who have concocted a plan. Ask them for details on how to show you’re worthy of the Beard Badge!

Also, remember that there are bonus badge opportunities to help you collect your eight badges!

Remember, the Pokemon League challenge is often full of challenges and surprises, but the important thing is to have fun! Good luck, trainers!



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