Leader: Kings, the Briny Biologist!

KingsHailing from the little town of Dewford in Hoenn, Kings always loved playing in the water with their Pokémon but it wasn’t until a school trip to Mossdeep’s Space Center that they fell in love with science. After that, Kings decided to travel the world with their best friends Eevee, Lapras and Psyduck to discover new water-type Pokémon. After many years of traveling, Kings arrived in Ambrette Town. While working in the fossil lab there, they found a Clover Fossil and brought a Tirtouga back to life. Kings loved Ambrette Town and couldn’t bring themself to leave, so they decided to settle there and put together the Ambrette Aquarium, filling it with the water types they found from around the world. Make some waves and show your skills as a trainer to win the Bubble Badge!Bubble Badge

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