PPL Prime Battle Videos!

Are you still missing PAX Prime? Do you wish you could relive the fun of the PPL all over again? Or just want to watch some Pokemon Battles? Well, thanks to a bunch of talented challengers, you’re in luck! Lots of cool people captured battles and experiences with the PPL at PAX Prime, and we want to highlight some of them! Check them out under the cut!

A playlist of battle videos from MrAGeezie (who, spoilers! will be serving as a leader at PAX South!): [CLICK HERE]

A playlist of battle videos from StreetPassPrinceton: [CLICK HERE]

A bunch of battle videos from Mr Scary Muffin: [CLICK HERE]

Vlogs from King Nappy: His Saturday and Sunday  have moments of his PPL challenge, including an exciting battle with Leader Spyra, the Dragon Rider!

Vlogs from ShadyPenguinn: His SaturdaySunday, Monday videos have some moments of his PPL challenge, and a recap in This Video!

Vlogs from PKSparkxx (DathotneSS): Gives us a super nice shoutout in his Saturday vlog! He calls us “literally the best thing that is here at PAX.” Aww shucks! We’re also featured in his Monday vlog!

Vlogs from AbdallahSmash026: Mentions us in Friday and Sunday videos, and check out his battle vids from PAX East 2014 in this playlist!


Do you have youtube videos of you battling gym leaders (either battle commentary videos or vlogs of you battling leaders at PAX)? Do you want to be added to this list? Leave a comment and we’ll add you!



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