Elite Six Member: Oak, Elm and Birch, the (Imposter?) Professors!

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The PAX Pokémon League, in a scramble to find some of the most renowned scientists in the Pokémon field to attend the Pokémon Advancement Expo, sent out a few letters and made a few calls. Perhaps they called the wrong numbers or sent letters to the wrong address, because the renowned professors they sought out arrived at the Expo with a bit of an evil glance in their eyes…. With smiles on their faces, the Oak, Elm and Birch who arrived asked (or demanded, but let’s not split hairs) to battle this years challengers. With terrifying smiles like theirs, who could say no?! Take them down and you’ll come out with a shiny Counterfeit Emblem! (We swear it’s real.)

Counterfeit Emblem

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