Elite Six Member: Sabrina, Master of Psychic Pokemon!

GL37Sabrina first discovered her psychic powers as a young child in the Kanto region’s Saffron City. From that day onward, she began to develop a powerful bond with Pokémon that shared her natural ability. After battling in Unova’s Pokémon World Tournament, Sabrina had a vision of a gathering of countless trainers at the PAX Pokémon League. Sensing the potential for greatness among them, she immediately took it upon herself to test their mettle. A veteran gym leader, Sabrina has faced more than her fair share of Pokémon battles. Rumor has it that she knows how every battle will end, days before its even begun. Defeat her to earn the Marsh Emblem, and take one step closer to facing the champion!

Marsh Emblem

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