Elite Six Member: Antoine, the Dethroned Bug King!

GL31Two years ago Antoine exploded onto the scene as the bug leader of the PPL and left no doubt that his beloved bugs were a force to be reckoned with. But news of this rough treatment got back to the people of his kingdom and was the spark they needed to rise up. Led by one of their own, Bugly, another promising bug-type trainer, they cast Antoine down and banished him from his kingdom. They then elected Bugly as their leader and he represented bug type Pokémon at the next PAX East.

Antoine wandered the deserts, forests, and mountains surrounding his former kingdom and rededicated himself to his bug Pokémon. Together they trained harder than ever and when time came to represent bugs for the PPL Antoine challenged Bugly for the honor. His grueling training and new techniques have elevated him to elite status and Bugly proved no match. He may no longer be king but Antoine is back to show that bugs are king. Defeat him and you’ll earn the Carapace Crown Emblem and be one step closer to facing the Champion!

Carapace Crown Emblem

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