Trick Master, Master of Tricks!

After concocting one confounding maze after another, the Trick Master had come upon a puzzle block, if you will. After years of luring trainers into her mazes for the prize of a rare item, it seemed like she had exhausted her very extensive trick book. She couldn’t count how many switches she’d installed, trees she’d planted right into the floor, or even the times she’d polished the floor until it was a tatami skating rink; everything it seemed, was cliche now. When her inspiration seemed lowest, the answer hit her. The table followed suit as she scrambled to get out from under it and set her plan in action. The trainers knew the Trick Master’s games well enough. There were only so many pieces of furniture she could hide under, but there were limitless amounts of Pokemon to craft her tricks with. And, what better venue to carry them out than the World Tournament. Representing All of Hoenn, the Trick Master is ready with antics to amuse the crowds!

Don’t be fooled! The Trick Master’s pokemon may seem to be dragging their feet but through some smoke and mirrors they could be stampeding towards you! If you keep your pokemon out of range before those heavy-hitters can land a punch, there’s no puzzle you can’t power through.

Rumor has it that despite her Elite status, the Trick Master will also be running her own riddle/trivia game for those who think they’re up to the challenge, ask her about it if you can find her. She’s hard to find, though. Always a master of disguises, TM will be changing her clothing up the whole week! Maybe masquerading as a Pokemon, or even as another leader (she’s pretty short though, so that’ll help you ID her.)

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