Our Elite Six Reveal themselves! May, Breeder Extraordinaire!

The Six mysterious trainers have revealed themselves at long last! These six trainers will be the last obstruction between you, and the Champion of the Pokemon World Tournament. If you collect Eight leader (Or equivalent medals! More on this soon) You can Challenge these powerful fighters for their badges, and with any four of them, you may challenge the Champ!

Without further ado, here are our are Six leading fighters!

May, the Breeder Extraordinaire!


After competing in the Wallace Cup alongside Dawn, May returned to Johto in search of her own sense of style to bring to her Contest battles. While being fairly successful in the Johto Grand Festival, May decided to focus on her skills as a Pokemon Trainer as a way to not only perfect her battling skills, but also in hopes of finding some sort of signature style she could bring to the stage with her during her next contest season.


Upon hearing of the PAX Pokemon League she decided to sign up, excited to face many new challengers and to her skills as a Leader. May is famous for her contest combinations that not only dazzle the audience, but pack a powerful punch to the opposing Pokemon. In order to defeat May, your Pokemon have to work together in beautiful synergy! If you can synergize your way to victory you can claim yourself the World Ability Ribbon.




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