At long last! The Champion of the Pokemon World Tournament is revealed!

Long have you waited, through leaders great and small, to learn of the penultimate battle you shall face!

So, without further ado, I am proud to present to you the Champion of the Pokemon World Tournament!

Youngster Joey!

Youngster Joey!

Wanting to test the mettle of his trusty Rattata, Joey decided to take on the PAX Pokemon League. To many members’ surprise, he was able to single-handedly defeat several of the leaders and proved himself worthy of being a leader in his own right, as well as the Champion. Due to League rules stating that he needed a full team of six, he asked his other Youngster friends from around the world if he could borrow their Pokemon to fill out his team. Joey wants to prove that just because a Pokemon can be found everywhere, doesn’t mean it’s weak! If you can fight your way to the him, and defeat his team, you will become a Pokemon Champion!

Hey kid; Joey may look young, but don’t let that fool you. He’s been young long enough that he’s gotten PRETTY good at it. But his team does have its weaknesses. They may be in the top percent, but that doesn’t make them better than everything! if you fight hard, and know what you’re doing, beating him should be as easy as wearing shorts.

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