What you need for PAX: a helpful reminder!

Researcher Kim, in preparing for her big trip to Boston, has typed up this handy list of things you shouldn’t forget to bring! Nothing is more embarrassing than going all the way to the Pokemon League and forgetting all your Pokeballs, so review this list to avoid forgetting anything!

PPL Necessities

  • DS / 3DS
  • Pokemon Black/Black2 or Pokemon White/White2 (Make sure it’s the version with your team on it!)
  • DS Charger
  • Power Strip/Extension Cord/Wrist Charger (Outlets are rare! These will save you from having a dead DS!)

Other Important Things

  • PAX passes!
  • Hotel room confirmation!
  • Clothes (All Challengers must be wearing clothes!)
    • Cosplay items, if you’re cosplaying!
  • Underwear (As Ash’s Mom always said, don’t forget to change your underwear!)
  • Jacket, hat, gloves (It is going to be COLD in Boston! Expect 30-40 degrees during the day, below 20 at night!)
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  • Deodorant, body spray
  • Good walking shoes! (You will be doing a lot of walking! If you have Running shoes, hold B to use them.)
  • Vitamin C and hand sanitizer (To avoid the PAX Pox/Pokerus.)
  • Backpack
  • Poster Tube (For posters you may get as swag!)
  • Healthy snacks (for waiting in line!)
  • Water/Water bottle (Stay hydrated! Water Pokemon especially.)
  • Cell phone/ camera / laptop
  • Other handheld gaming devices, CAH, MtG, Zombie Dice, etc. Any other games you’d want to play (there are other games besides Pokemon?!)
  • Cash to give graciously to Child’s Play via Cookie Brigade! COOKIES ARE DELICIOUS! Several gym leaders are Cookie Brigadiers…

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