The Elite Six!

Clockwise from left: Gilman, Charles, Oceanus, Gunpei, Kaya, Sir Ivan North

Oceanus, The Storm Chaser!

Oceanus is recognized as one of the world’s foremost trainers of Water Pokemon. After PAX he decided a change was in order and traveled the world’s oceans, determined to catch and train a team of new Pokemon. Keeping very few of his original team, he set off to find the rarest of Pokemon the earth has in it’s depths. The oceans of the Pokemon world are vast and mysterious, as is Oceanus’ new team of Water-type Pokemon. Do you have what it takes to stop the very ocean and earn the Geyser Emblem?



Sir Ivan North, the Deadly Dealer!

There was a time where Sir Ivan masterfully sold products for Silph Co. It was his sworn duty to make every pitch a hit. However: after watching the greed and pride of his employers, the envy and wrath of their competitors, and the gluttony and lust for more products from their consumers – Sir Ivan grew tired of it all. He has now taken up a new role as a traveling salesman, who gets into the mind of his customers before they become his challengers. Defeat his deadly team in battle and you will earn yourself the Sinful Emblem!


Kaya, The Choreographer!

A native of Unova, Kaya began training Pokemon at a very young age. Always a wanderer who followed her own tempo, she journeyed across the world to discover new breeds of Pokemon and battle the trainers who raised them. Kaya eventually grew attached to the town of Ecruteak, and found inspiration in the Kimono Girls: strong, graceful trainers who could bring out the fullest potential of their Pokemon. Kaya emulated their calm disciplined demeanor in training her own squad of battle-dancers, starting with the Liligant that had been with her since the start of her journey. Now, she seeks to serve as teacher to a new generation. Overcome her challenge and be awarded the Capoeira Emblem!

As an added bonus: select challengers who prove their worth to Kaya will be gifted an extra prize: a genetically superior Eevee!


Gunpei as: Poké-Red, the Heroes’ Leader!

Gunpei is an actor from Pokéstar Studios studios who plays Takumi in the television series Monster Sentai Pokéger. A director from Pokéstar Studios found this unknown at a local Pokémon tournament and thought his unique personality would be a perfect fit for the role of Takumi. Though he had no formal training, Gunpei proved himself a natural born actor and wowed not only the heads of Pokéstar Studios, but the public at large. Gunpei’s new found stardom allowed him to follow one of his life-long dreams and open his own Pokémon gym. Soon after wrapping up the second season of Monster Sentai Pokéger, Gunpei was selected to become one of the new Elite 6 members. There he takes on all challengers as his character Takumi’s transformed form: the legendary hero Poké-Red! He waits along with his six Pokémon rangers, for those with the fire of justice burning in their hearts to join him against his fight against evil. Defeat him and claim the Justice Emblem!


Charles, the Rotation Master!

Charles… he grew up in… Driftveil city. Always the heartbreaker, one day he fell hard for a girl. Hoping to impress her, Charles learned a new style of battling from his father. Its name… Triple Battle! When his would-be love turned him down, he got on his bike and became the wind looking for a place to accept him. Two years of riding later bad-boy Charles returned to Driftveil and began battling trainers in his own style… Rotation Battle! Only a few weeks after his return, a young trainer told him of the PAX Pokemon League. Intrigued, Charles set off for Boston to bring both battle styles to new heights. Master them to earn the Rotation Emblem!


Gilman, the Bearer of Light!

Outdoorsy and adventurous, Gilman and his trusty sidekick Vulpix were loved by all on their residential island of Cinnabar. He organized many outdoor community activities, such as gardening and sail-boating, to help encourage island residents to enjoy the natural beauties of the sun. These acts caught the eye of the town’s hero and gym leader, Blaine. With the unfortunate eruption of the volcano, Blaine was forced to relocate to the Seafoam Islands. Before he left, he granted Gilman a small box. Inside was a Fire Stone, and a note directing Gilman towards the PAX Pokemon League, encouraging him to share his good nature and open-mind with others. Gilman and his Vulpix set out in search of trainers who could prove to them their love of life. Do so and earn the Solar Emblem!


 Remember, you only have to defeat four of the Elite Six members and collect their emblems to challenge the champion!

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