Thank you to all of you, to every one of you challengers, for making the PAX Pokemon Leauge 2013 the biggest and best PPL to date. The League wouldn’t be anything without it’s challengers! You make it happen!

I know I personally also want to thank all the gym leaders, elite six members, and the champion, as well as my fellow researcher Kim, who all helped make the league as great as it was. I couldn’t have done it without all of you. Thank you!

Within the next week, I’ll be posting a little survey for you to take so we can gather some statistics to make the League even better next year! Also there will be some places for suggestions and for you to tell us any cool stories you may have from your league challenge, and information so you can find out all the other cool stuff our gym leaders do when they’re not being gym leaders!

And if you want to be a gym leader at PAX East next year, we accept applications starting in September. Make sure you’re following our twitter (@PAXPokemon) and/or our Facebook to be kept up to date on all the going-ons! We’ll be posting a bunch of photos to our facebook account! Also, you can join our Forums. It’s a bit quiet now, but we’d love to make it more active. Go in there and share your stories!

For right now, though, I’m going to get my Snorlax on… everyone use REST… and make sure you’re not holding a Chesto Berry.


Thanks again!

-Researcher Propriety

That guy with the scarf.


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2 Responses to THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!!!

  1. Reginald Stone

    I want to personally thank everyone that came out. Propriety isn’t kidding, I truly think this was the best PPL event yet. I look forward to seeing you on the forums and hope to see you all again next year.

    You guys rock.

  2. Rick

    Thanks everybody for putting this on! I only got six badges, but it was my first time challenging and I had a lot of fun!

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