Mysterious Stone Tablets…

Researcher Propriety here. Several of the archaeologist gym leaders in the group have informed me that they have discovered a stone tablet with mysterious markings… while I’m 100% certain these markings are NOT related to the legendary birds, they have indeed provoked quite a bit of curiosity among some of the other researchers in the group…

It seems to have something to do with time travel….

Top researchers are working to decode the text, but all they’ve managed to uncover is that it has something to do with time travel. Maybe you can figure out the mystery? If you’re interested, I might ask some of the archeologically-minded gym leaders you encounter… but which of them would know about time travel?

Who knows what rewards are waiting? Grab your Rosetta stones and get cracking!

(Note that this puzzle is completely separate from the LEGENDS puzzle on the back of your trainer cards. Don’t get them confused!)

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