A Gym Leader Swarm at Route PAX East!

You’re standing at the Gate between Expo Hall City and Route Tabletop, reading the electronic bulletin board as its message scrolls past, and… what’s that you see?! Do your eyes deceive you?! No! It’s… it’s… a


This year at PAX East, every once in a while, in a certain locations, a “swarm” of Gym Leaders will appear! This changes the probability of finding a gym leader at a given spot from <1%, to almost 100%!!! But you’ve got to hurry, because gym leaders will be available at the swarm location for a limited amount of time and accepting a limited number of challengers before they disperse! If you’re fast, this is a great way to challenge a gym leader or two while avoiding the long lines that sometimes form at the Handheld Lounge Meetups! That said, there’s no way of knowing which gym leaders will appear at which swarms, or even how many will appear! It’s a bit random!

Here are the swarm times and locations:

FRIDAY 2 PM: East Entry Hall
FRIDAY 2:30 PM: Outside Classic Console Freeplay
FRIDAY 7 PM: Westin Bridge
FRIDAY 9 PM: Tabletop

SATURDAY 10 AM: West Entry Hall
SATURDAY 11 AM: Wyvern Theatre Queue Room
SATURDAY NOON: Outside Wyvern Theatre
SATURDAY 2:30 PM: Dance Stage
SATURDAY 6:30 PM: Freeplay Stage

SUNDAY 11 AM: Westin Bridge
SUNDAY NOON: Upper Food Court
SUNDAY 1 PM: Lower Food Court
SUNDAY 4 PM: Freeplay Stage
SUNDAY 4:30 PM: Chiptune Jam Space

In case you forget, locations and times for all swarms will be listed on the backs of your trainer cards, so be sure to find your first gym leader and battle them to pick up a trainer card ASAP!


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2 Responses to A Gym Leader Swarm at Route PAX East!

  1. Fetch26291

    When you enter the main lobby of the BCEC from the street, West is to your right and East is to your left.
    On the map, this puts West on the top and East on the bottom.

    • Propriety

      Correct! In case you forget, it’s marked on the floor maps, in Guidebook and in the program that will be handed out at the convention.

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