Introducing: Zoroark, The Trainer Named after the Pokemon!

     Zoroark was raised in the wild by Pokemon in the Noir Forest in the Oblivia Region. The Pokemon there gave him the name of Zoroark, seeing as he looked like nothing else they had ever seen, and loved to trick others. One day, He traveled to far, and came across the Tilt Village. He was taken in by a man named Hocus, who taught him much. After Horus was taken by the Rangers for arrest, he was left all alone. Soon a Pokemon Trainer came to him, and said that she had come looking for rare new Pokemon, and the chance to help people. She then asked Zoroark a question that changed his life forever, “A young man at your age, who isn’t a Pokemon trainer/Ranger? Why not?” And with that, his great journey begun. Soon he rised up in the ranks of Pokemon, utilizing brutal intimidation skills that he had learned when he lived in the wild, eventually becoming a Gym Leader and a member of Team Aqua. Soon afterwards, an organization called the PPL was gaining power, and as one of Team Aqua’s star commanders in less than 2 months, Zoroark was sent to be their conquer it. With his team of super-scary Pokemon, he makes a very formidable opponent.


Defeating Zoroark will earn you the spooky badge, seen below!

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