Introducing Rival Cards!

Yo! Heading to PAX to challenge the League, huh? Were you really invited, with those pokemon? Let me give you some advice: while working on my Pokédex, I looked all over for powerful Pokémon! Not only that, I assembled teams that would beat any Pokémon type! But the most important thing was having a strong rival to keep me sharp! Well, I’d better split before I catch loser-itis! 

Smell ‘Ya Later.

You’re not the only one on the road to being a PAX Pokemon League champion, and this year at PPL East 2012, your skills are going to get honed even further by your Rival – a challenger just like you!

Rival System:
After your first league gym challenge, you’ll receive a Rival Card. This card will contain information such as league rules and contact information, meetup times, and Gym Leaders recommended for your skill level. Also on this card will be a picture of a “Match Item.” If you find another challenger with the same match item on their card, you may both visit a Gym Leader to be declared Rivals.

A Sample Rival Card. Design subject to change. Wait, who is that second leader...?

Rival Points:
Once per day, you can visit a Gym Leader with your Rival and declare a Rivalry Challenge. The Gym Leader will give you special rules your challenge match will have to follow. (If your team cannot fulfill the requirements of the challenge, just let the leader know.) Participating in a match will get you a Rival point on your card.

Rival Badge:
If you get all three Rival Points by battling your rival each day of PAX, you will both receive a special Rival Badge. This special badge will count towards the eight badges required to challenge the Elite 4 and the Champion.

Rivals and the Champion:
While Rivals may be at odds with each other during their league journey, there comes a time to put grudges aside in the face of a greater challenge. If you or your Rival can defeat the Champion, you will both receive a fabulous prize, so be sure to cheer them on at the end!

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